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Sherrin Kovach

Team: Scrambled Legs

Wave Time: 10:30 AM all fitness levels

My Story

For the last few years my lovely friend Leora has been part of Woman2Warrior and I have proudly supported her. Last year she asked if I would join her team. How do you say no to Leora? When I think about Easter seals camps I think of the parents who, unlike me, can not just open up the city recreation guide and pick from a list a camps to send their kids to. I have enjoyed years of summer camps that my kids got to choose and enjoy and I had a few hours to myself each summer. It has been a luxury that not all parents and kids have. My goal is raise enough money to pay for at least one kid to attend an Easter Seals camp. Will you help me?

My Team
Name: Scrambled Legs
Runners: Sherrin Kovach
Nab Mann
Leora Shipley
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